They say "a picture tells a thousand words", well photographers tend to. But is this actually true? In terms of Search Engine Optimisation no it absolutely isn't, a thousand words would serve you much better. That being said images do play an important roll in boosting your online presence as we will explain. All websites designed by Screen-Dreams include a professional photography service.

Jaguar X Type
Amber Windows Vans
At Screen-Dreams we understand the importance of perfect images which is why a professional photography service is included when we we build any new website. If you're interested in a photography only service then please contact us for details.

Why are images important?

There are 2 reasons that images are important, as you would expect one of the reasons is that people like to look at them, if they are pleased with what they see they are more likely to make an enquiry or purchase with you. That's the pretty obvious explanation that any photographer will tell you, in Digital Marketing this is known as optimising conversion. The other equally and in some cases more important reason is to increase traffic to your website. This is a small part of the process of optimising your website to perform well on search engines. We'll use the example below of a "flush fit window" photograph we took for Amber Windows...


Convert visits into sales
Flush Fit Window
An image of a flush fit window installed by Amber Windows in Birmingham, taken by Phil Allsop from Screen-Dreams. This image was taken to showcase a new product range introduced by the company in 2018, it's purpose is to showcase the product and illustrate to website visitors what a flush fit window installed by the company would look like. This image content is simply to help convert website visitors into potential customers because they like what they see. But surely you could just use a stock image of a flush fit window instead? Yes of course you could and it would serve the same purpose BUT would it help increase traffic to the website? No.

Increase Traffic

Get more visits to your site
Flush Fit Window Google Search Results
This is the important part, if you google "flush fit windows" one of the first oraginic results (free results placed below the paid advertisement from Everest who are paying upto £20 per click!) is our photograph from Why is this? There are many factors that dictate this images position in Google's search index, it is placed on a page on the site that is part of an optimised content structure, it has been tagged correctly and MOST IMPORATANTLY it is UNIQUE, it is an ORIGINAL IMAGE. Using a stock image would be much easier but it would not achieve the same result.
This example illustrates how important it is to use original images in your website. Stock images are used on hundreds of different websites and Google knows this, using one of these images will not improve your search result rankings, ever. Why? because Google already has the image indexed, it already knows where it first appeared and who it belongs to.

However; using your own unique photographs if implemented correctly WILL be recognised by Google and WILL add power to your website. This is why Screen-Dreams off a professional photography service with every website we build.

Another example from Air Motorsport

Here is another example of images performing well in Google's search results when Googling the term "airkart" this is what you're presented with:

Airkart Images in Search Results

1st Result = Our Image



We were recently given the task of building for Air Motorsport, a local karting outfit based in Cradley Heath who were introducing their new Kart Chassis system known as "airkart". By implementing this image correctly you can see the power Google has given it. When Googling "airkart" you are presented with as the first oragnic web result (job done), the Google My Business Page for Air Motorsport and their facebook page as organic #2 but what is the very 1st result on the page? An image of the "airkart" itself. Perfect! There were already images of the kart floating around Google before we were given the project but Google has decided ours is the "most relevant", or should we say; we've made it the most relevant.

Professional Photography at Black Country Prices!

Some examples of our photography work, we use state of the art Digital SLR cameras and utilise external lighting systems where required to ensure all photographs are of a professional and web ready standard.

Screen-Dreams Black Country Photography
Screen-Dreams Birmingham Photography
Screen-Dreams Back Country & Birmingham Photography

Charity Sector Clients

Screen-Dreams provides Graphic Design services for many national and international clients. All built in the Black Country! Some recent clients include: Crohn's & Colitis UK & Birmingham Children's Hospital Charity.

Crohn's & Colitis UK
Stroke Association
Birmingham Children's Hospital Charity
Alcoholics Anonymous
Macmillan Cancer Support
Cords 4 Life UK

No Job Too Risqué

Over the years as a web devolper my services have been employed in many sectors. Though my main focus is lead generation for commercial and retail companies I have been known to venture into more "adult" content, from flyers and posters for gentleman's clubs to web sites for proffesional dominatrixes no job is too risqué for Screen-Dreams. Don't be afraid to contact me with any kind of enquiry. Adult websites are not listed here but you can contact me for details.
Adult Graphic Design Flyer
Adult Graphic Design Flyer 2
Mens Night Ticket Design
Some designers have been known to refuse this kind of work. I treat all clients with the same level of respect.

Vehicle Livery & Wrapping

Artwork coordination across all of your promotional media is critical in developing brand awareness. I was sign-writing vans in the 90s before vehicle wrapping was available and saw how incredibly powerful it was a lead source, especially in the home improvement sector. Now with advances in technology with cheaper and better quality vinyls vehicle wrapping has overtaken both die cut lettering and custom paint jobs, this means from a design perspective the possibilities are literally endless. Contact us for custom vehicle wrapping design to perfectly match your website and promotional media.

Van Graphic Design
Amber Windows Van Designed in Adobe Illustrator CS6
Vehicle Livery Design Wrapping
Also see our Photography page for more on Vehicle Photography

Design Portfolio

Take a look at some of the sites I've built recently, some are new business that required everything to be creating from scratch including brand design, colour schemes and logos whereas others are long standing business with existing corporate themes that needed interent presence.

All Built In The Black Country

It's Not All About The Web

We provide both digital and print marketing services. The internet is an incredible lead source and a modern website is crucial in capturing as many enquiries as possible but we also provide brochures, leaflets, display stands, vehicle livery and all other marketing materials.

I Just Need A Website

I Just Need A Website

Already have an established brand and just need a website? No problem, we can create a profesisonal website for you to showcase your business. Let's get you online.
I Need A Makeover

I Need A Makeover

Just need a revamp? No problem, we can give your brand the perfect identity with logo and scheme design. Be the envy of your competitors with professional design services at Black Country prices.

Happy Clients

Trusted by many local businesses across the Midlands. All websites showcased on were built in The Black Country, they are hosted and maintained here. You are welcome to contact any of them for references.

Amber Windows
SMB Autocentre
Performance Trade
Veterans Football League
Midland Workshop Supplies